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All About Our Wrap Around Care Program

Our Wrap Around Care Program serves ECC families who need extended hours on school days. Our normal school day hours fall between 8:45 and 2:30, but WAC allows students to be Dropped off as early as 7:15 and picked up as late as 4:45. Students can start attending the WAC Program as early as 3 years o

Wrap Around Care Staff

Lisa Walters- Lisa is our WAC  coordinator. She is also the lead teacher in the Duck classroom and really puts her all into every lesson and activity that she plans for both!
Shelly Buchanan- In addition to WAC, Shelly is an assistant teacher in the Lamb room.
Hailey Hogue- Hailey is a senior at UCA. She is a speech pathology major. We are excited to have Hailey as a new staff member at ECC!
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