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                     Parent's Corner

Registration for 2023/2024

Current Students/Church Members/Alumni
-2/6/2023 7:30 - 4:45 

New Students
-2/13/2023 7:30 -4:45 

Please see us in the ECC office for more details or call us @ 501-329-1467.


Important Reminder!
Parents, please remember that our doors do not open
until 8:45 a.m. for preschool each day, with the exception

of Wrap Around Care students who may enter at 7:15.

   Mark Your Calendar

Complete Giraffe Puzzle
Arch Ford Education Service Cooperative
A child may be eligible for special services if he/she is age 3 through 5 and is experiencing difficulties which interfere with normal development in these areas.
-Motor Skills
-Behavior/Social Skills
-Self Help Skills
-Problem Solving Skills
-Cognition/Readiness Skills
Centers for Disease Control offers a FREE Milestone Tracker App that can help parents to better understand their child's development and identify possible delays or concerns early on to support their child's growth and development. For more information click the button below.
Attention Parents of Children Entering Kindergarten:

To find which elementary school zone that you are in and to find more information about registration, click the link below.

Helpful Links:

-ECC Lunch


-Lunch Ideas

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"My child has been welcomed and loved by his teachers since the first day.  They are nurturing and so patient.  He loves coming to school and is usually not ready to leave!  I am so happy with my decision to enroll my child here!"   

                                                                               -ECC Parent

"My child has learned so much and really had a great year!  I am so thankful for everything they do here at ECC!" 

                                                                               -ECC Parent

"We are so very pleased with this program.  My child's teacher shows my child love and respect.  My son has learned so much this year!  We picked this program for the environment and attention to safety and we have never seen any of the staff waiver from those policies, which gives us comfort as parents!"   

                                                                               -ECC Parent

"My child loves going to school here.  Everyone is so pleasant and friendly!" 

                                                                               -ECC Parent

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