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Welcome to the First United Methodist Early Childhood Center


     The Early Childhood Center (ECC) is a weekday program for children ages 2 years to 5 years.  Our goal is to provide a consistent, caring, and respectful environment for children.  We encourage creativity, individuality, and self-expression for every child.  We actively promote the values and skills needed for social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual development.  The FUMC Early Childhood Center has been an active part of the Conway community for over 30 years!  We strive to provide a positive, nurturing, and caring presence within our community.  Love grows here! 

Creative, Caring, and Play-Based Approach to Learning

     At the Early Childhood Center we will nurture Christian values and equip each child with skills for social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual development.  The classes offer developmental learning activities in a loving and nurturing environment.  All classrooms provide age-appropriate learning centers and activities that encourage “hands on” learning.  The learning centers allow children to explore, create, and develop decision-making skills through the world of play.  Each child will gain physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills.  ECC learning centers include: Pretend, Art, Block, Discovery, Science, Game, Reading, Music, Listening and Writing.

     Enrichment activities may include: science experiments, cooking experiences, age-appropriate in school "field trips" and special guests.  Parents are encouraged to become involved in the ECC classroom by sharing their talents and skills with the children.


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